Terres du Val

Nestled in the heart of green hills, on the heights of Huy, in Belgium, discover Les Terres du Val*. Here flourish sustainable entrepreneurial projects : the Ferme du Val*, Naxhelet*, the 'boulangépicerie' Champain* and the vineyard of the Château du Val*.It is a unique story of encounters, hospitality, passion and agriculture. The domain has more than 80 employees and is managed in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. Hoet&Hoet had the honour and pleasure of collaborating on this beautiful project.

Branding, Naming & Strategy _ Hoet&Hoet
Photography _ David Plas & Vébé

The Symbol

Developed as a custom asterisk that usually refers to a note or a word in a text.
Here, it accompanies each entity to demonstrate its belonging to the ecosystem.

The Ecosystem

Following the example of the ecosystem created by the family Jolly for Les Terres du Val, Hoet&Hoet has also opted for an ecosystem bringing together various creative profiles: an illustrator for custom drawings, a photographer for the creation of inspiring visuals, a copywriter for crafting their story, and several graphic designers to establish the brand’s identity.

This last visual was made with the help of Firefly from Adobe.

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