A Cultural Centre is above all that of the citizens who surround and frequent it. It is for this reason that the choice of the new name could not have been imagined without the opinion of the population. The public was not only asked to rank, in order of preference, a list of 8 names shortlisted by the Cultural Centre, but also to suggest other ideas. One of them was chosen to become the new name for the Cultural Centre. A name that is both simple, impactful and distinctive, easy to pronounce and memorize, while being consistent with the values and activities of the institution. The Cultural Centre was accompanied by the design and branding agency Hoet&Hoet for the development of its new identity and for the implementation of this unprecedented citizen participation.

Branding, Naming & Strategy _ Hoet&Hoet
Photography _ Arthur Peemans & Vébé
Web _ Alpaga

Modernization not limited to the name.

Behind this new name, the Cultural Centre wanted to modernize its entire image: a new image, a new signature, a new graphic identity and new communication tools.

The descriptive signature, 'Centre culturel d'Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve', remains attached to the name SPOTT, directly resonating with the territory where the institution is located. (SP "OTT" from Ottignies)

It evokes conviviality, the place where we feel good, where we meet to share good moments, have fun, debate and feel emotions. The intentional baseline 'This is where it happens!' invites all curious minds, small and large, to go through the door of the Cultural Centre and intends to strengthen the social bond and the feeling of inclusion.

The SPOTT is also the one that sends a ray of light to the outside of the city and in particular to Walloon Brabant by strengthening its role in.


While the name refers to lighting, it also evokes a prism through which to look at culture, cultures. Not only by the cultural choices of the institution, but also and especially by the gaze, the point of view of the spectator on the proposed cultural activities.

The new name is a powerful symbol. This generic name from the entertainment world conveys a simple but powerful message: the desire to highlight all forms of cultures.

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