The Greenpeace Magazine DE stands for journalism with an attitude.
For this issue they have chosen Europe as their topic and assigned a young German journalist to travel through nine European countries for a long reportage focusing on the youth of those countries. The working title is "Continent Utopia – Who else but us? On the way to the youth of Europe". She has visited the following countries: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Scotland and Belgium.

The central questions were: Which visions do young people develop? Which are the immediate problems they have to deal with? What are their views on the political situation? How do they engage in something (politics, environmentalism etc.)?
Which emotions are driving them considering an uncertain future?

This is where I came in with this paper-design illustration : "Make a wish".
I voluntarily made no roughs, no drafts for this image. This brings me to create more instinctively.
The aim was to put forward all the things which do not please me in this world.
By leaving a star at the top, also the symbol of Europe, I wanted to suggest hope for the viewers.
Because hope can be a powerful key for something better. 

Animated version made by Squarefish

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