Assar . Inclusive Architecture
Or how to build space for user experiences.

Assar is an International Association of Architects established since 1985.
Working on large scale projects in different sectors. Assar has more than 100 partners who contribute with their expertise to large-scale projects and carry out tasks that go far beyond mere design. Projects that take people and the environment (also in its ecological dimension) as their starting point but also as their objective.
Assar's new identity is based on a brand platform that highlights the company's own values and the functional and emotional benefits it offers. Its design expresses the interaction between architecture and people, translating the journey of the users, their evolution in the space and the evolution of this same space to meet the habits of life. The overall identity underlines the inclusive approach of the architecture firm with its clients and partners.

Branding : Hoet&Hoet
Web : Hoet&Hoet - Alpaga 
Animation : RCA

Other research.

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