2012 promises to be an extremely creative year! Nothing could have inspired any longer than an apocalypse according to the rules. If the Mayas are to be believed, we've got less than a year to live, so let's not wait for a tsunami to move Europe off the coast Zanzibar or for a tornado to take us where the four winds blow, but let us COMMUNICATE NOW!

It is vital to leave a trace, no matter what it is : Your logo engraved on Mount Rushmore, for instance, or a "black box" site (indestructible with universal security coded by a Yucatan master) or a video presentation of your company projected from Syracuse, a geostationary satellite.

Who is going to be there to see all that? You might ask. No one knows, of course, yet this question must have run through the mind of our ancestors the reptiles. AND HERE WE ARE

It's time for speculation, so let us together face the slings and arrows of the inevitable and communicate to in a way to make tectonic plates clash! Let us defy the laws of nature and try to repel the most horrid natural disasters... armed with a simple mouse!

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